NCC 65214

New Orleans-class frigate
Launched 2355
MSD created by Alexander Richardson

Commissioned in 2355, the Orlando was one of the last New Orleans class starships to enter service. She served with distinction during the Cardassian Border Wars, and has been refit and upgraded several times since. Equipped with a pair of science pods, the ship performed various exploration missions during the early 2360s. As a result, she was on a deep-space assignment during the Battle of Wolf 359. She didn’t return to Sector 001 until long after the Borg incursion had been thwarted, but did receive tactical upgrades in her next refit.

Captain Dorian Hos assumed command of the ship at the beginning of the Dominion War, and convinced Starfleet Command to leave the science pods in place, allowing Orlando to serve as a long-range reconnaissance and early-warning vessel.

Orlando participated in the Battle of Cardassia, where she suffered moderate damage. She reported to Antares Fleet Yards for repair and refit after the war, and returned to active duty three months later. The ship’s civilian population had been disembarked during the war, but they were allowed to return after the ship left dry dock.

Officers’ Quarters, created by bobye2
2375 configuration