USS Orlando – NCC 65214

USS Orlando

UPDATE: July 5, 2022

I’ve decided to put the Orlando in dry dock for the time being, in order to focus on other projects. My current projects, and future information on the Orlando itself can be found here:

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The year is 2375. After twenty years of active duty, the New Orleans-class starship USS Orlando has just survived her second war. Seriously damaged in the Battle of Cardassia, she has spent the last three months at Antares Fleet Yards undergoing refit and repair. And now she’s ready to resume her peacetime duties.

But everything’s changed. The Dominion War has left a profound impact on the Alpha and Beta quadrants, with most of the major powers weakened and the Federation itself hardly recognizable to its own citizens. Orlando has been tasked with patrolling the Denali Sector, assisting with reconstruction efforts and any other assignments as required by Starfleet Command.

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