OOC: Updates

So I’ve made some updates to the site. I made some changes to Abbie’s bio page, and added images of the Ready Room and Mess Hall to the NCC 65214 page. Many thanks to Tadeo D’oria for his excellent artwork. Especially the Mess Hall, which he crafted specifically for the Orlando. I hope to continue posting, but I have the feeling I won’t have much time until after the holidays.

See you aboard!

OOC: Weekly Updates

So I’ve made a few minor changes this week, mostly to improve legibility. I also decided to add character portraits to the blog posts, so moving forward each blog post will have the main character’s picture attached.

On the subject of characters, you might have noticed that some of them have an extensive backstory while others only have a few sentences. I intend to update those pages as I flesh out their backstories, so they’ll be updated often.

Thanks for your patience as I continue to refine the site,


OOC: Welcome to the USS Orlando!

The general idea for this fanfic has been around for a few years, and it’s taken awhile to reach this point.  I was initially inspired by Seth McFarlane’s series The Orville and started developing ideas for a Starfleet vessel with equivalent size and capability.  The New Orleans class caught my eye, and I’ve been in love ever since!

Even while I was working on other projects, Orlando was always in the back of my mind somewhere.  It even ended up as part of a Ingrid Selvig’s backstory.  She’s one of my favorites, and I had so many different ideas for her I ended up doing the multiverse thing as a way to tie them all together.

And then I had a flash of inspiration.  What if Ingrid and her supporting cast all served on the Orlando?  As of 2375, the Orlando is essentially a smaller version of the Galaxy class…no longer the most powerful or advanced ship in the fleet, but still capable of performing almost any mission Starfleet can come up with.