Ingrid Selvig

Captain Ingrid Selvig
Executive Officer

Born and raised in a small city in Norway, Ingrid dreamed of joining Starfleet from an early age.  As a result, she spent her formative years working towards qualifying for the Academy.  She was accepted on her first attempt and graduated within the top ten percent of her class.

Upon receiving her commission, Ingrid was posted to the Federation embassy on the Klingon homeworld, where she sent several years providing a number of support duties, including serving as the ambassador’s personal pilot. 

 Afterwards, Ingrid was posted to the New Orleans-class USS Orlando as a CONN officer.  She rose through the ranks quickly and became XO at the beginning of the Dominion War.  During her early years aboard the Orly, Ingrid became romantically involved with a civilian lounge worker named Moira Macready.  The two married prior to the Dominion War, and Moira moved to SB 96 when Orly’s civilians were offloaded at the beginning of the war.

Following the Orlando’s post-war refit, Ingrid was promoted to Commanding Officer when her predecessor accepted a flag officer position.